Well, its Miami Vice, need I say more? You play a reverse-GTA style game where you are the "Good Bad Cop" (As in he has no remorse for the enemy). Anyways, you are shutting down the crime rings in Miami while mass murdering the enemies in style.

: Well, its a toss up here. The interior parts of rooms are definitely better than other 3rd person shooters, especially for the PSP ROMs. The club actually looks like a club; the bar has drinks on it, etc. The outside graphics aren’t the greatest, and some of the mini game supplies like the boat and the car are low-res, but the graphics as a whole are pretty nice. The things that make the graphics better then the other games are the little things like bullet holes and tiny details that other games usually forget to add. The player models are VERY polygon heavy, more so than Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror. Every pouch and doo-dad on the armor suit is in 3D, not even some PS2 games can claim that! The other suit, the reputation suit, also looks very nice, in a sort of Matrix meets the streets look. Most models are skinned pretty well and the guns could use some better textures, but they look a lot better than Socom: FTB. FMV’s could get some more detail, but for the most part the games graphics are pretty solid.

Sound : The enemy chants get some what repetitive, but its also kind of funny to here a Spanish guy say "I’m really gonna F$#K you up!" Loaded with the cheesy voice acting, but it’s in a funny sort of way. Gun sounds are pretty nice, not super realistic, but it works. Background music is decent too. Menu music also does a good job of putting you in the mood. All in all, it does a nice job. Its not ProLogic 2 (MH:F), and I do wish more games would support it, even just as an extra option, but it gets the job done.

Controls : Well, isn’t this part always opinion? Well, the whole review is opinion, so who cares! You move around with the Analog, take cover with L, Aim with R, Interact with X, Triangle is strafe (they don’t tell you until mission 2, that should have been earlier), and finally Square is sprint (or reload while in cover or . Down is change weapons (of the ones you have, only 2), Left is change weapons (Swapping what you have for what is around the map), Right is to switch weapon firing mode, and I don’t recall using up much (its for using the first aid kits). Overall, I like the scheme more than SOCOM, I just wish there was a little aim assistance. You aim with a laser sight, RE4 style, and if you look before you pop out of cover, then you get the laser close to a badguy, but that’s all for aiming assistance.

Gameplay : Lots of little touches. There is the obvious pattern during real gameplay. You sneak, you get spotted, you run for cover, and a cool shootout occurs. The whole reputation aspect also adds depth to the game. Do you take the easy route and get the armor and assault rifle + SMG OR do you wear the snazzy suit and use the close range shotgun / pistol combo for hardcore reputation bonuses. It even can come down to deciding to use that health pack or not. The more rep you get, the more money you get for selling drugs / dealing with the drug barons. The more money, the more powerful your guns are. It’s all a branching choice system incorporated into a 3rd person shooter. Then there is the mini-game parts, like hacking computer files (FUN!), dealing with the drug barons to get a very big cash pile for your drugs, and the occasional boat battle, but the boat parts could use some work.

Difficulty : On the easiest setting, the enemies are somewhat smart. They run for cover, but usually emerge too much to shoot you. They will get more people to help them, and when they do use the cover right, then they can be a little pain in the butt, like they should be. The mini-games have their own sense of difficulty per stage. One stage of a hack could be easy, but you might have to try the next stage 3-4 times. The baron trades can also swing to a harder time if you have been doing too well in the trade. The mini-games somewhat adjust the difficulty, I just wish the main game play did also. I would recommend starting the game at the middle (of 3) difficulty setting.

Multiplayer : Seeing as how this game isn’t out yet, obviously there isnt anyone near me who has it to play multiplayer. However, I will take a gander and say it should be fun. The cover mechanism combined with smart enemies should provide for some difficult and hectic gameplay. To be fair, I won’t count the score in the final.

If you get a chance try out the Co-op, and its pretty fun. You get a feeling of like SWAT or some other tactical game, because the only thing better than a fight out from the cover of a fallen statue is to have another team mate behind some other object covering you. Really adds to the experience, sort of like linking 2 Xbox’s together with your friends.

Replay :
Another hit and miss. You can’t go back and play any mission you have beat so far, you have to follow the story. It is a fun game overall, and I know I am going to play it at least once more, the challenge of a harder difficulty and the task of getting a HUGE rep bonus offers players a reason to take a second stab at the game.

Sway : A fun little game, whether for a sitting or for a good while, offers many new concepts to the PSP, and I think it did an overall good job.

Graphics : 7
Sound : 7.5
Controls : 8
Gameplay : 8
Difficulty : 7
Multiplayer : --
Sway : 8


Closing Remarks : I recommend this game. If you liked RE4, and you are looking for a decent shooter, then this could be your game. Could be, might not be, DEF recommend it for a rental, but I wouldn’t stop anyone from buying it either.

Thanks https://www.karynamcglynn.com/